What types of customers have you worked with?

I have worked with individuals struggling in relationships, divorce recovery and couples therapy. I have helped men and women with coping skills in times of difficulties and recover from traumatic events in their lives. I have also helped individuals create action plans to attain their personal and professional goals and have helped many people move forward in their careers and personal lives.

What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a counselor or life coach?

Find someone that you personally click and feel comfortable with. There are many great counselors and coaches, but you are a unique person and may not feel a connection with someone, even if they are great at what they do. Take the time to search out the person who is the best fit for you and that you feel the most comfortable with.

What questions should I think through before talking to a life coach or counselor?

Ask yourself, “What do I need the most at this time to accomplish my objective.” “What kind of expertise do I need to change my current situation?” “What do I want and how can I get what I want?” “What changes do I need to make personally in my relationship to help it grow and thrive?” “How do I need to change my mindset and attitude so that I can make the positive changes I need and want to make?”

What should I know about your pricing?

I charge $120 a session for individuals and couples for coaching. My sessions run 50 minutes to an hour. I don’t take insurance and am only private pay.