Hear from Dr Carla’s clients about their success!


Dr. Carla’a influence on my life in the last few weeks has been phenomenal. Her thoughtfulness and ability to observe my situations are amazing!

I’m working on receiving guidance on how I can improve my overall life satisfaction and spirituality, and it’s been a great experience to work with Dr. Carla.

She asks great questions which allow me to find my own answers and gives me time to process it.

Then, she helps me to connect the dots to understand why I am having certain thoughts or feelings that relate to the way I grew up.

Every time I come out of a session, I feel much more uplifted and light. I recommend meeting with Dr. Carla if you want to take action on any area of your life!

5 Star Christian Counseling Review from Chloe H. via Thumbtack August 30, 2022


My Fiancé and I recently got engaged. We are planning to get married early next year. We have always talked about doing marriage counseling before getting married.

We were seeking a professional, Christian and experienced licensed marriage counselor that would be a good fit for us. We prayed about it and God sent us and directed us to Carla.

Our first couples counseling session was great. Carla is attentive to details and very helpful. We are looking forward to our next sessions.

If you are considering hiring Dr. Carla McGowan give it a try and see for yourself. She is an amazing person!”

5 Star Marriage Counseling Review from Ruby F. via Thumbtack August 8, 2022


Carla is an extremely compassionate person with a gift for listening without judgement. She has been instrumental in helping me heal from a heartbreaking divorce. I would highly recommend her services.

5 Star Relationship Counseling Review from Tabitha W. via Thumbtack April 29, 2022


“I am so grateful to be working with Carla! She thoroughly listens to what I am saying, and constructively helps me to build the right path leading forward. She has great intuition and understanding, and speaks the truth in love.

I respect and I am grateful for her servant leadership, and for her life coaching and counseling. I would highly recommend Dr. McGowan to those who are searching for answers, and finding it difficult to know in their heart what they are.”

5 Star Life Coaching Review from Shane F. via Thumbtack April 18, 2021


I came to Dr. McGowen with an urgent and specific goal of change I wanted. I wasn’t really sure what to expect from a “Life Coach”, but it didn’t matter. In the inteterview I was able to explain what outcome I was looking for and she was able to hear it and provide the type of coaching I needed. It took a total of 5 weeks for me to get to the point I was wanting to reach. Dr McGowan essentially worked herself out of a job with her precise and focused input, feedback, and instruction! She is now my go to person for change.

5 Star Life Coaching Review from Daniel R. via Thumbtack March 10, 2021


“Dr. McGowan has almost immediately become a bright spot in my life. She has helped me through tough times and mental blocks that at the start were debilitating. Life doesn’t stop coming at you, she has helped me plan and react accordingly- go with the flow and the punches that come. She is relatable and so supportive and caring. I have been able to learn and appreciate my worth, understand that I can’t help the actions of others, and feel confident when I need to express myself and create boundaries.

Dr. McGowan is in a different time zone from me and easily adapts. She is always punctual and sends me reminders (thank goodness!) of our appointments. She has been flexible with anything that has come up and just overall is great to work with! In less than 6 months she has helped me take personal steps in my living situation, start healthier lifestyle goals, and approaches with work and professional development. Looking forward to love life and continued co-parenting guidance! I can’t recommend her enough!

5 Star Life Coaching Review from Jamie M. via Thumbtack Nov 16, 2020


I’ve been seeing Dr Carla for the last few weeks. She asks questions during her seasons and also shares some real life experiences and gives very helpful resources. I feel like I’m closer than ever to fulfilling my dreams and visions. She is so kind and nonjudgmental as well and helps you get to the bottom of your self limiting beliefs. I definitely want to continue seeing her and I’m so glad I found her on here!

5 Star Life Coaching Review from Cristina O. via Thumbtack May 21, 2020


Sharing my story with Carla and following her advice has put me on my proper path in life and with God.

5 Star Life Coaching Review from Mondo Z. via Thumbtack Nov 11, 2020


Dr. Carla has been an amazing pre-marital counselor. She was thoughtful in her approach as she empathized with the challenges we shared about our relationship. Her Christian driven insights were relatable and not judgmental. Because of her practical manner in supporting us, we have decided to continue counseling beyond our wedding date.

5 Star Marriage and Relationship Counseling Review from Marlene R. via Thumbtack July 7, 2022


My fiancé and I have really enjoyed using Carla for our premarital counseling. So much so, that we plan to continue using her following the wedding. She makes me feel comfortable and gives a lot of good exercises to use in the home.

5 Star Marriage and Relationship Counseling Review from Jessica O. via Thumbtack July 15, 2022


Dr. McGowan is great! I would highly recommend her and I have already recommended her to a couple of my friends and family. I sought out Dr. McGowan for marriage counseling and I love how she incorporates scriptures and implement them within a marriage. She’s amazing!

5 Star Marriage and Relationship Counseling Review from Damar D. via Thumbtack May 26, 2022


Carla has been such a blessing. My significant other and I were having relationships issues and reached out to her guidance. We immediately felt comfortable with sharing some of our most personal issues. Our communication and overall relationship has improved drastically. There were times we needed immediate appointments and she was there for us, same day. Also, never judge mental. We couldn’t imagine where would we be if we didn’t have her help and support.

5 Star Marriage and Relationship Counseling Review from Tess M. via Thumbtack Feb 9, 2022


We found the right Counselor for our needs! We talked about seeking help for months but where apprehensive and had no idea what to look for or where to start. We just had our second Zoom session and we couldn’t be more pleased. Dr. Carla put us at ease straight away. She listens, she asks thoughtful and thought-provoking questions, and shares her vast counseling knowledge.

For us, she ties it to Holy Scripture, something important to us. The guidance she provides allows us to take big or little steps in working towards better communications, our primary goal. We’ve seen a difference in a short time and feel we’re on the path towards God’s will for us individually, and as a couple. Dr. Carla has been such a blessing!

5 Star Marriage and Relationship Counseling Review from Debbie S. via Thumbtack Jan 6, 2022


“If you are sitting on the fence for a counselor, do not delay further. Carla has been a God send in ways I never imagined possible. First, she helps to identify specific issues to work on, then she provides strategies to use and rediscover strengths. She has also suggested several books which are strictly by choice to purchase–no pressure. The books have provided a wealth of information to look deep into the root of the issues with understanding.

Carla helps to improve empathy and problem-solving skills much needed for conflict-resolution. Ultimately, her guidance provides a ray of sunshine beneath the dark clouds of life’s challenges. I am so grateful we have connected.”

5 Star Christian Counseling Review from Barbara L. via Thumbtack Mar 31, 2022


My time with Dr. Carla McGowan was nothing short of life giving. Our sessions were filled with biblically sound doctrine, tools and book recommendations! She is a wealth of knowledge. She really listened to me, as a client and had a way of building my confidence, to put the ball back in my court. (Exactly what you want from a therapist/ life coach) If you come across her page, don’t hesitate for a minute! You will not be disappointed.

5 Star Christian Counseling Review from Brittany P. via Thumbtack Nov 16, 2021


Dr. McGowan has been my counselor for nearly a year. I have found working with her to be as challenging as I need it to be in order to work through things with my gaming addiction, both personally and in my marriage.

Her approach from a Christian counseling point of view helps to root the progress I make in truth and consistency. I’ve also learned to analyze my own behaviors and she’s given tools to break them down and help me improve. I highly recommend Dr. McGowan for anyone needing counseling for addiction or marital troubles!

5 Star Christian Counseling Review from Jason S. via Thumbtack Sep 3, 2021


I have found working with Dr Carla extremely helpful so far. I am enjoying the self reflective homework and feel that the “digging deep” will produce better results than anything I’ve tried in the past.

5 Star Christian Counseling Review from Lore W. via Thumbtack July 5, 2021


“I have been working with Carla for a few months now and she is AMAZING! Our first conversation she picked up a lot about my family which took my previous counselor a couple of months to pick up.

She noticed the lies I was believing about myself and has taught me to see them as well and has given me the tools to fight them. After each session ends I feel so much better and say, “I love my Counselor.”

5 Star Christian Counseling Review from Jennifer G. via Thumbtack Nov 19, 2020